HTC's One last 1UP

Dear HTC, You know I love you and that I have an affinity toward your brand as we're both made from the same country. I've had Windows Mobile phones that was made by you. Android phones (of the ginger variety) made by you. And I'm even currently double-fisting with Android and your awesome 8x. So you can only imagine how excited I was to find out about your announcement had moved up ahead of Mobile World Congress 2013. There were leaks all over the place weeks prior to the announcement and that just added more fuel to my eternal flame for your hardware. I was pleasantly surprised when I heard after the announcement yesterday that you've decided to do something about your branding and stick with the One and maybe that's because you finally figured out that you can't keep on giving your phones whatever stripper names Verizon wants you to paste on your phone. So kudos to making the bastard child of J Butterfly the DNA and keeping the One the one that's untainted by big red. The New One looks great with all the hardware specs to back it up. Newest Snapdragon 600, 4.7" 1080p display, all aluminum uni-body construction, stereo Beats audio, 32 or 64 GB of internal storage with free Dropbox storage, super wide front facing 2.1 MP camera, rear facing UP camera... oh wait... that must be a typo... they meant MegaPixel, not UltraPixel. You rebranded HTC Sense with BlinkFeed, Zoe, and BoomSound. That's great since we're all getting tired of trying to make sense of what you're trying to do with Sense... which doesn't make any sense with Jelly Bean being so clean.. you don't need a skin on top of that bean.. Yes we all love Flipboard but that doesn't mean we want our phone to be Flipboard all the time... _ Okay so I won't worry about your new Sense 5.. but seriously what is UltraPixel? I understand that it captures light 300% better than MegaPixels...? Did I read that right? uhh you already have f/2.0 on your current generation of cameras and you do a great job with the dedicated camera processing chip for photography.. But seriously how many MegaPixel is a UltraPixel??? I don't know what you told the Verge but they said its 4 MegaPixel... That's really not enough pixels for me.. and I'm not known to be a pixel counter or anything like that.. but for a regular consumer, the bigger number is better.. unless you're trying to tell me that 1 UltraPixel = 8 MegaPixel.. in that case that would be really cool... But since you neglected to mention how many UltraPixel the rear facing camera has, I'm just going to make an educated guess that it's 1UP.... simply because 1UP has a good ring to my eyes... I feel some sort of nostalgia toward 1UP.. We're so focused on the 1UP that we forgot the phone has built in O.I.S... this would make the One the first one to have optical image stabilization in an Android phone. That's kind of a big deal if you ask me. But there's no mentions of O.I.S. in the press release... Lets quickly blow through the other cool new feature that the One carries. HTC Zoe: 3 second long animated GIF a la Nokia's Cinemagraph. HTC BoomSound: dual front facing speakers on the top and bottom of the phone. Rebranded Beats Audio. HTC Sense TV: best way for carriers to sell you ridiculous amount for your mobile bandwidth. With the exception of Sprint 4G LTE because it doesn't exist and you can leave your phone downloading for 30 days straight and it'll never hit 5GB. HTC BlinkFeed: Flipboard on your home screen, but only with these partners: HTC claims all of AOL media properties, and more than 1400 media sources like ESPN, MTV, Vice Media, CoolHunting, Reuters, and more. I'm hopeful and I know that end game is coming for HTC. This One has to be HTC's one to defeat the competition and rule the Galaxy!