Why did Meerkat cross the street?

So I can run it over with my car. Over, and over again. 

Now that we've gotten out of the way how much I adore Meerkat, lets take a look at this latest fad on Twitter.  Twitter, oh twitter. Poor victim of API rape. First they encourage all developers to make their own Twitter app, then they limit the API calls and force developers to pay for users. 
Now they're being used by Meerkat to spread this plague of Dutch underground rodent.

There are several reasons why I painted my car red with the kat.  Here's a few off the top of my list.

iOS only.
Lets play Lazy Developers and create this "official" "unofficial" app for Android. It's totally getting raped in the Play Store. So they got what they deserved. 

The iPhone Effect.
Just like Steve Jobs and the iPhone, Meerkat was the company that invented moving pictures and mobile video.  Before Meerkat, people were unable to share portrait video from their mobile telephones.  Now with the help of Meerkat, they can. How did people live with themselves before Meerkat? I have no answer for that. 

Unable to figure out a creative way to distribute spam, they turn to Twitter. 
Good thing Twitter is the dirty diaper of the Internet so I don't have to worry about getting spammed by posts about how my favorite person is streaming themselves breathing.

The Snapchat Model.
Lets create free platform where people can use the service for free. Get as many users on it as possible and we can get a really ballooned evaluation from the Silicon Valley. Pat themselves on the back of their furry head and "try" to figure out a way to monetize their furry little paws. 
Lets tell the users that the moving photographs they stream are "Live" only and is not kept anywhere on the internet.  After a few months, news will break about how the servers were hacked and all the video streamed were found stored archived on the server.  Of course the videos are anonymous so it was okay that the footage were taken.  
Here's my prediction of the Meerkat evaluation: 5 billion dollars. Refuse to sell to Twitter after evaluation. 

Hi Jimmy Fallon.

I can't wait for Beaver, the audio broadcasting app that lets you send voice live a cross the internet. 


just driving down the street

just driving down the street