Apple's Trojan Pencil

Hola, haven't blogged in a while. Today is as good as any other day to start again thanks to Apple's fall 2015 keynote. 
Really quick I'm gonna write two sentence about what was announced. 
Apple announced updates to Apple Watch and Apple TV as well as updated iPhone 6 S and 6 S plus. The iPad Pro finally arrives with a Smart Keyboard cover and an Apple Pencil
Which leads to my theory that the Apple Pencil is the one that will drive sales and kick ass this holiday season.  

As a daily iPad user and someone who no longer reach for the desktop or laptop when I want to browse the web at home. I'm very excited about getting an official Apple stylus so I can draw and edit my photos like a pro~
...oh wait.. what do you mean the Apple Pencil only works with the iPad Pro... so I have to buy an iPad Pro to use the Pencil.. 

So the cost of Pencil is essentially 799 + 99 = 898 +ax

I do have to give props to Tim Cook on execution of the Smart keyboard cover and the Pencil. The price of the top of the line iPad Pro with the cover and stylus adds up to pretty much a Surface Pro 3 with the same hardware equipped.  

Personally, even though the Surface Pro is a better value and a real computer, I would still have to choose the iPad Pro over the tablet computer because ultimately Apple still wins when it comes to hardware design.  Majority of my time on a computer is spent in a browser so the fact that the iPad Pro is not a real computer or laptop replacement is not really the ultimate deciding factor on my purchase.  

I know the iPad Pro will succeed with the help of doubling the screen real estate and the addition of well designed hardware accessories.  

I can't wait to sharpen my Pencil.