Personally, the news cycle in the tech world has been slow. Nothing breaking or major has happened this year since Apple hasn't announced anything just yet.  To my surprise, Facebook was the first one in my opinion to make a splash in the tech news cycle first quarter of 2014 with their acquisition of WhatsApp Inc on 2/19/2014.  Facebook paid 16 billion in stock and cash for the company and will absorb it completely according to its news blog.  

Facebook, unlike most people in America, is thinking globally and making acquisition not only to grow the company globally, but also to absorb it's biggest competitor in mobile messaging. With over 450 million active users, WhatsApp surpassed Facebook Messenger late last year in number of active users.  Considering that Facebook already has the same technology, if not better than WhatsApp, this move is clearly made to eliminate the enemy and increase its own user base. An effective move demonstrated by it's acquisition of Instagram on 4/9/2012. 

As an active Facebook user, I'm quite excited about the acquisition of WhatsApp. Not only does this signify and demonstrate the growth of Facebook globally. It also shows that there are other companies out there actively competing and invading Facebook's space.  The results might not be what WhatsApp and Instagram wants, but it's certainly the right move by Facebook.  Who's next?

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