The newest in Wi-Fi-cation of things

I'm sure you've read all the home automation stories starting from back in the day when Bill Gates gave a tour of his home and everything is computer controlled.  Fast forward a few years, we're finally reaching the point of real home automation.  Now that smart phone saturation has reached over 50% in the US, it's the perfect time for home automation to happen.  We already have Wi-Fi enabled scales, fridge, power switches, and more. With more and more products coming to market, products like BloomSky enters the market to help gather more information about your home.  The rise of fitness bands and watches has shown that there is a large consumer market in not only fitness tracking, but the quantification of data gathered from our daily lives.  Personal weather station like BloomSky will help track the weather. Not only quantitively, but also visually with the built in camera.  The idea behind hyperlocal and crowd-sourced data is a great one and if executed well, will bring great benefits for everyone locally and eventually nationally.  With the fast growth of mobile computing and personal data connection, these devices will create a new lifestyle and new ways for technology to help us become more productive with our daily routines.