The X-Files: Then and Now

The X-Files has to be one of the most prolific television series of my childhood.  Watching it with my family Sunday evenings and when we can't make it, we record it on our VCR and fast forward though the commercials.  As someone who was always into technology and science, it was a guilty pleasure of mine to watch this show about UFOs and aliens.
It was so nostalgic to see David and Gillian after so long.  Their chemistry is still there obviously. Even though they're both a little bit older. Then again I have aged as well as the technology that has surrounded the characters. There were a few jokes about Uber and using cellphones and doing Google searches.  
What I found most intriguing is how I consume the show now. With a new born, my schedule is no longer as free or flexible as it used to be. So now I find myself DVRing the show and watching it when I have a few moment to spare, fast forwarding though all the commercial. I guess some things never change.